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OFNTSC 2023-2028: Our Vision, Mission, and Values



The Ontario First Nations Technical Services Corporation Board and Administration met on September
26-27, 2022 to develop a Five Year (2022-2028) Strategic Plan.

The planning team engaged in in-depth discussion on:
  •  Accomplishments from the 2018 - 2023 Strategic Plan
  •  A review of the “What Was Heard” Report from an online stakeholder survey
  •  The current state, focused on:
    •  What has been working well
    •  What could be working better
    •  Factors that need to be considered in building the plan including political, economic, socio-cultural, technological, Legal, Environmental, and Competitive issues
    •  Analysis of Stakeholder - those entities that have an interest in the organization’s plans and activities
  • The envisioned 5-year future including:
    • A review of the Vision, Mission, and Values Statements and discussion on whetherchanges need to be made
  • The priorities and actions for 2023 - 2028
The Strategic Priorities for 2023 – 2028 include:
  • Community Development
  • Client Focus
  • Emerging Opportunities
  • Talent Acquisition and Development
  • Mandated Core Services
  • Culture and Advocacy

2023-2028 Vision Statement

To support and empower First Nations on their journey to technical self-reliance.

2023-2028 Mission Statement

Supporting First Nations in their right to technical self-determination through the delivery of culturally respectful professional technical services and training.

Organizational Values

In carrying out its governance responsibilities, the Board is guided by the following values:

Respect – Supporting one another through respectful interactions with all forms of life, water and Mother Earth.

Trust – Having and maintaining faith and confidence in each other, both for our team, and with our client communities.

Humility – At OFNTSC, we will embody the qualities of selflessness and humility as we work together to create stronger First Nations communities and resources.

Honesty – Open and honest communication is a requirement of all staff, management and directors.

Peace – We strive to maintain a peaceful work environment, free from unnecessary stressors, by maintaining a sense of balance, tranquility, and respect in all interactions with each other and the communities we serve.

Knowledge & Wisdom – Braiding traditional Indigenous knowledge and wisdom with Western ways of knowing strengthens our understanding of the work we do. We will strive to utilize the best of both worlds for the betterment of ourselves and our communities.

View OFNTSC's full strategic plan here: Stategic Plan