The Fire and Safety program of the OFNTSC was created in 1995 to address the fire and safety needs and deficiencies that many First Nations public buildings experience. Over the past twenty-five years, the Fire and Safety program has assisted in expanding training to First Nations volunteer fire departments by providing and retaining a list of First Nation Fire Fighter Training Officers that are skilled and experts in their field when it comes to Life Safety and Fire Safety training for volunteer fire fighters. 

The OFNTSC has provided important fire safety prevention material for First Nation school children and for the entire community to use.

The OFNTSC’s Fire and Safety Service works with communities and tribal councils to provide assistance to regional fire prevention officers, building code interpretation and compliance as it relates to fire safety.

As with the other services offered by OFNTSC, the Fire & Safety service tailors everything they do to meet local and geographical needs of your community, which includes emergency vehicle specifications, improving the efficiency in your community fire department administration, and assisting in preparing your community in the event of a fire.

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As the Director of Operations Brian Staats’ 33-year career in senior management is comprised of extensive experience with Ontario’s First Nations technical portfolios.