OFNTSC’s mandate is to provide advisory services to Unaffiliated First Nation communities in Ontario.  The Housing & Infrastructure programs provide technical advisory services in all areas of housing to First Nations and Tribal Councils in Ontario.  Our services include training and capacity development, housing policy review, technical support for the development of business plans and funding proposals and providing technical advice to national and regional First Nations organizations.


In 1995, the Infrastructure Service was one of the inaugural services offered by the OFNTSC to First Nations Tribal Councils. The Infrastructure Program originally began as an inspection service for First Nations not affiliated with a Tribal Council. Over the years as the program evolved, training for building inspectors, introduction of new building techniques and construction and support for ISC reporting systems came into place.

Benefits of Using the Housing Service:

  • Provides advice to improve housing designs
  • OFNTSC staff have a better understanding of the overall housing stock maintenance issues within Ontario to provide solutions tried and tested in other communities
  • Home inspections completed on time by certified inspectors, with follow up reporting by inspectors
  • Enhanced housing policies as it relates to tenants and owners
  • Empowers housing departments to be self-sufficient
  • Provides information to housing departments which will inform community members of requirements to build and maintain homes
  • Housing stock deficiencies can be identified earlier, to lower costs for maintenance issues
  • Homes will be built to applicable building code standards as qualified by First Nations
  • Higher quality homes being built with energy-efficient designs
  • Community expansion plans identified years in advance of building homes
  • We’ll work with external organizations/government bodies to secure funding

Our priorities for the 2020/2021 fiscal year:

  • Building code training (housing training schedule based on needs of First Nation clients, targeted to First Nations looking to become certified with Ontario Building Officers Association)
  • Training: CMHC workshops (expected standing offer to work with CMHC to continue workshops for First Nations)
  • Training: Natural Resources Canada (examine training opportunities related to energy efficiency for First Nations)
  • Training: First Nations Market Housing Fund (FNMHF) (expected standing offer to work with FNMHF First Nations who are participating in the FNMHF
  • Housing policy development (make accessible and usable housing policy documents)
  • Northern Housing Conference Working Group


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Janet is a member of Saugeen First Nation #29 and grew up in the city of London.  She joined the corporation in January 2020 bringing a wealth of experience working in First Nations communities.
Brian Staats, Mohawk from Six Nations, is the Director of Operations at the OFNTSC. He has over 35 years of experience working with Ontario First Nations.
Robert Genereux is a member of M’Chigeeng First Nation and is currently in the role of CMHC Project Coordinator for OFNTSC