Engineering services have been part of the OFNTSC since 1996 and our team of Professional Engineers provide a direct line for infrastructure support services to First Nations within Ontario. OFNTSC’s engineering portfolio provides a variety of services to First Nations that includes: project planning; project management; capital planning; terms of reference development; request for proposal development; assistance with retaining qualified Consultants; assistance with funding applications; and technical oversight throughout a project’s different phases.

The OFNTSC Engineering department also provides design review services, which provide an important quality control process to ensure that the design is in the best interest of the First Nation. In addition, our Engineers provide guidance and oversight to First Nations who are preparing Federal and Provincial funding proposals to ensure that they meet the application processes. 

Water and Wastewater

OFNTSC’s team of Engineers also have a special focus on water and wastewater infrastructure because the need for clean water is often an ongoing challenge with our First Nations.  OFNTSC is committed to ensuring that all water and wastewater infrastructure built on First Nations’ will meet or exceed National standards.

Most recently, the OFNTSC’s Engineering team has also completed a desktop review of the status of drinking water and sewage systems on First Nations in Ontario. Through this work, the OFNTSC is capable of identifying: the age of water and wastewater treatment systems; water and wastewater systems capital investment needs, existing water and wastewater systems’ compliance with regulations; and the frequency of common capital issues encountered on First Nations.

Engineering is a mandated core service with the OFNTSC and our team of Professional Engineers will continue to provide these services in a client-focused manner.

To learn more about OFNTSC's Water and Wastewater Initiatives, click here. 

Stages in completing a project

The Ontario First Nations Technical Services Corporation is here to help First Nations with technical advice for their engineering projects. This document will help you understand the stages in completing a project, along with how OFNTSC can assist your community. 

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Tricia Hamilton is the Senior Water/Wastewater Engineer at OFNTSC. Tricia is a licenced Professional Engineer (P. Eng) and has her Project Management Professional (PMP) certification.
Lorraine Bova, Mohawk, is the Water and Wastewater Engineer at OFNTSC.
As Director of Engineering and Infrastructure Services Drew has extensive technical experience across a number of industries.
As Project Manager for OFNTSC, Darko thrives in his uniting clients with skilled trades personnel to ensure projects remain on schedule and on budget.
Amy is currently working at OFNTSC in the engineering department as an engineer in training, mainly focusing on water and wastewater treatment systems.
Sam Merko currently serves as a Civil Engineer for OFNTSC
Dylan currently serves as a Certified Engineer Technologist for OFNTSC