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OFNTSC’s HUB project launched in September 2020 with the goal of providing advisory and technical support in the area of water and wastewater for the twenty-two (22) unaffiliated First Nations in Ontario.

The purpose of the HUB is to ensure that these communities’ Water Operators have 24/7 access to certified operator assistance, thus ensuring that their water and wastewater systems are operated and maintained to meet provincial drinking water regulations. The HUB project also works with these communities to ensure that water-related infrastructure and equipment contained within are periodically assessed to minimize future water treatment plant failures.

HUB Hotline 

Call us: 1-833-544-6424

Building operator capacity

Our HUB project supports the participating communities to ensure that each Water Operators’ capacity is developed locally. This means community members can attain and maintain the licensing requirements at the level to which their treatment systems are classified. This approach not only ensures that operators have the ability to maintain employment and contribute to the local economy, but also eliminates the risks associated with leaving their community, and the water & wastewater infrastructure unattended, to attend training.

Accomplishments during the 2020/2021 pilot year:

  • With the implementation of the computerized maintenance management system (CMMS) tracking work performed and/or services provided has become seamless. As of the end of March 2021, 759 work orders had been issued with 358 open and 401 closed.
  • During our first year, we assisted one HUB community with retracting a longstanding Boil Water Advisory (BWA).
  • With the challenges of travel and access to First Nation communities due to the COVID pandemic, our HUB team continued to safely provide on-site visits while fully utilizing personal protective equipment, to advise and provide various levels of advice and technical support to our communities.
  • Developed standard operating procedures to remediate HUB First Nations with BWA’s using a structured manufacturing approach to investigate, advise, action plan, and improve processes to help solve the BWA.
  • Provided HUB services to an additional seven First Nations that requested our services
  • Reviewed the majority of training requirements of all the HUB First Nation operators
  • Issued work orders to begin and track training, working with OFNTSC’s Circuit Rider Training Program team.
  • Reviewed the Emergency Response Plan (ERP) with the operators as related to the water treatment plants for the majority of the HUB First Nations and began updating, modifying, and publishing changes.

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Driven by nature, Adam is keenly dedicated in his role as a HUB Program Supervisor.
Courtney is currently serving as a Water & Wastewater Process Technician for OFNTSC's HUB program.
Marty is currently working for OFNTSC as a HUB Technician with a passion for teaching and using his skills to develop strong relationships with those he works with.
Glen Goodman, member of Animbiigoo Zaagi’igan Anishanaabek First Nation, is the Director of Operations.