The water and Wastewater Service works with First Nation public works and operators to create maintenance management plans for water and wastewater facilities. Specifically, with Unaffiliated First Nations (UFNs).

With the provisions, the benefits of using OFNTSC’s water and wastewater specialist service are numerous. Making sure water and wastewater facilities operate at peak efficiency, providing unaffiliated First Nations’ operators with operations and maintenance support, take corrective action to fix maintenance issues, testing and record keeping of water quality/waste effluent, prepared for an emergency, plant operators in continuous training cycle to ensure maintenance of licenses, and lastly the application of water distribution techniques.

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Tricia Hamilton is the Senior Water/Wastewater Engineer at OFNTSC. Tricia is a licenced Professional Engineer (P. Eng) and has her Project Management Professional (PMP) certification.
Drew has extensive technical experience across a number of industries including mining, environmental, renewable energy, housing and energy conservation.
Dean Debassige is the Asset Management Advisor for the OFNTSC. He works closely to support the Operation & Maintenance program activities for First Nations infrastructure assets.