lac update

Leadership Advisory Commitee - Update


The OFNTSC Leadership Advisory Committee (LAC) met on Thursday, May 4, 2023, for its second quarterly meeting of the fiscal year. The OFNTSC Strategic Plan 2023-2028 was a topic of importance. 

First Nation leadership had indicated they were advised by Indigenous Services Canada to approach OFNTSC for Emergency Planning/Preparedness needs. However, the OFNTSC Executive Director reported numerous attempts at obtaining funding for Emergency Planning/Preparedness was denied by ISC, and were informed this funding program had ended because of this OFNTSC does not have any funds to assist First Nations with this important need. More discussion will be required amongst First Nation leadership to strongly advocate the need for this support. The LAC was in agreement elders were needed to provide direction and insight on as much as possible. Emergency Planning Services will be added to the Joint Technical Working Group OFNTSC has with Indigenous Services Canada. 

The LAC discussed Canada’s Draft Clean Water, Wastewater and Related Infrastructure legislation proposal and consensus concluded OFNTSC will continue to consult the LAC and the Director of Operations and address the gaps regarding the proposed legislation. The Executive Director will work on scheduling a follow-up meeting with the Minister with key LAC members regarding the water legislation. The LAC discussed the need for more leaders to join this important advisory committee to OFNTSC. An In-Person meeting of the LAC will be held at the September 12-13, 2023 OFNTSC Tech Nations Conference and Tradeshow in Thunder Bay, Ontario. OFNTSC will continue to reach out to various First Nation Leaders with invitations to join the LAC. The next LAC meeting is scheduled for July 6th, 2023 via Zoom video conference.