Kerry Black

Over the course of her career, Ms. Black has gained invaluable experience and exposure to infrastructure issues in First Nations across Canada. Ms. Black’s experience has allowed her to gain recognition, both nationally and internationally, as a skilled researcher, passionate teacher, and proficient communicator. She is passionate about empowering and bettering the lives of others, most notably in Indigenous communities.

Ms. Black is an inter-disciplinary engineer who has an extensive understanding of First Nations culture and history, as well as political structures, regulatory regimes, technical protocols, and a strong understanding of the urgent and emerging issues facing First Nations. She has established a successful consulting company, offering strategic technical and policy advice to clients including the Assembly of First Nations and the BC First Nations Housing and Infrastructure Council. She also currently holds a Canada Research Chair focused on working with and for Indigenous Communities on infrastructure-related issues, fostering community-based solutions and utilizing decolonized methodologies. Her work over the past twelve years has resulted in successful partnerships with the private sector, public sector, and non-Governmental organizations, in particular Indigenous organizations. Her experience across Canada and presence at national and international conferences has given her a breadth of knowledge and a large network of colleagues and peers.

Ms. Black has spent much of her personal and professional time working as a volunteer on increasing diversity in science and engineering, sustainability initiatives and programs, and community development.