Circuit Rider Training Program

OFNTSC's Circuit Rider Training Program (CRTP) focuses on administering Certified-Education-Unit (CEU) and on the-job-training (OJT) to First Nations water and wastewater systems operators

What we accomplished in 2019/2020:

  • Extended the CRTP funding agreement until 2020-21.
  • Doubled the number of Circuit Rider Trainers able to facilitate OFNTSC’s Operator training services.
  • Increased the number of CEU & OJT training hours facilitated through the CRTP.
  • Extended the CRTP into National prominence by facilitating CEU training to Operators from other regions of Canada.
  • Support the development of additional First Nation partnerships.


  1. By displaying that operator training is an integral component of maintaining community health, the OFNTSC maintained a training curriculum specific to First Nation water & wastewater infrastructure.
  2. The OFNTSC’s CRTP training plans ensured that water and wastewater systems operators are up-to-date on their specific treatment plants’ operations & maintenance requirements and are prepared for any unplanned events that may be detrimental to water quality in their community.
  3. The OFNTSC has created a clear relationship between training, operational support & pending development of a regulative body. Ongoing discussions continue with a multitude of partners with a target eventually leading to the formation of a First Nation owned water & wastewater governing commission.
  4. By facilitating First Nations’ operational support services through the CRTP, the OFNTSC has not only demonstrated a flexibility in its services but the ability to have the Operators of First Nation water & wastewater systems attain provincially accredited licensing. Establishing partnerships with Tribal Councils that include KO, PWI, IFNA, & Bimose, recognized water industry organizations that support First Nations KCE, WCWC and AWWAO and developing relationships with academia will ultimately ensure that our First Nations have a water source that is both dependable and healthy.

    Upcoming Events

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    Dennis Big George is currently a Circuit Rider Trainer with the OFNTSC
    Gerald started working as a trainer in 2017 and has been in the water industry since 2004, and currently holds a level 2 Water Treatment License.
    Ray Hanstead is a Circuit Rider Trainer with the OFNTSC
    Mohammed N. Karim, M. Eng, P. Eng., is CRTP Training Consultant and brings over 35 years of plant operation experience from municipalities and First Nations to his work with OFNTSC.