Senior Water Operator - Normand Tabobondung

Shawanaga Water Operator Seeing Success| HUB Program Update

OFNTSC HUB would like to acknowledge and congratulate Normand Tabobondung!

Normand is the Senior Operator from Shawanaga First Nation and we'd like to acknowledge him for his great efforts and accomplishments this past summer with our project.  Normand, like many water operators, is overcoming challenging conditions and continues to grow and improve the operation of Shawanaga's Water Treatment Plant. 

In July Normand and Shawanaga First Nation became the first water operator/operation within our HUB project to utilize “WaterTrax” in its everyday operations. WaterTrax is an industry-leading software program that helps agencies and water utilities monitor and manage their water system data for regulatory compliance. Their use of the program is advancing further to include more data parameters and the use of other functions of the software.

Furthermore, Normand has started to develop his operation by engaging three new operators!

Destiny Geroux-Pawis, Nathan Pamajewon, Dyami Tuskin have all begun to train with our HUB and its affiliate ENG-OIT project.  All the Shawanaga operators were recently enrolled in a 10-part internet-based safety training program and will begin to learn many of the necessary safety requirements associated with being a water plant operator.

The Shawanaga water department is also now taking its “first big steps” to using the computerized maintenance management system-CMMS employed by the HUB project.  They will be performing their own routine operations and maintenance tasks via the “schedule maintenance and work order systems” function in the CCMS program administered and supported by their HUB/OIT teammates.

Honorable mentions to HUB Technician, Marty Clement, and ENG-OIT, Dalton Clement, for their tremendous efforts on behalf of OFNTSC and their teamwork with Normand, trainees, and the Shawanaga First Nation in building a culture of respect, capacity, development, and success! 

Keep up the awesome work!!