First Nations Fuel Systems Management in Ontario: The Role of OFNTSC and Recommendations for Improvement



The Ontario First Nations Technical Services Corporation (OFNTSC) provides training and equipment to on-reserve Ontario First Nations to assist in the management of their fuel systems. OFNTSC accomplishes this by certifying fuel handlers through fuel handler training which includes oversight on federally regulated safe fuel handling practices, equipment maintenance, and record-keeping. Currently, OFNTSC is the only service provider that provides bulk fuel system training and oversight for First Nations in Ontario regarding fuel systems management.

On-reserve fuel systems are regulated and managed pursuant to federal legislation that regulates fuel systems management. Under federal legislation, The Canadian Environmental Act (CEPA) (1999) sets out the regulatory framework for fuel storage tank systems. This act provides a number of tools for the control and regulation of toxic substances and other pollutants.

OFNTSC has developed a range of training videos and modules for First Nations and is committed to ensuring its approach to fuel systems management aligns with industry best practices. The following report discusses OFNTSC’s approach to fuel systems management, outlines best practices, identifies challenges and opportunities, and concludes with recommendations.

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