A three ring binder lays open on a wooden table with a red pen and some paper clips strewn about. The title on the open page reads "Emergency Response Plan"

Cessation of Emergency Management Preparedness Service offered by OFNTSC



For the past 12 years, the Emergency Management Preparedness service at OFNTSC has prepared First Nations in Ontario to meet the challenges of emergency situations through training, assistance with Master Emergency Response Plans, consultation, and more. The program supported First Nations by building technical capacity in emergency management preparedness and community infrastructure.

It is with heavy hearts that we announce that the Emergency Management Preparedness program will no longer be offered by the Ontario First Nations Technical Services Corporation due to the loss of funding for this service. We would like to thank our funder, Indigenous Services Canada for supporting the program for the past twelve years, as well as the staff who dedicated years to making First Nations safer and better prepared in the face of emergencies.

We understand this is an important program that First Nations have come to rely on as a resource for training, knowledge, advice, and assistance on all things emergency response-related. If you have any questions or concerns regarding this change, please fill out the contact form created specifically for this topic at the link below. 

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