The Environment Service of the OFNTSC works directly with First Nations…

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The Communications Service of the OFNTSC is responsible for all of the internal…

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The OFNTSC’s Engineering Service works with First Nations to provide access to qualified engineers…

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Housing Service

The Housing Service works with First Nation housing departments to develop capacity…

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The Infrastructure Service provides housing and building inspection services…

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Operations & Maintenace

The Operations and Maintenance (O&M) Service assists First Nations with analysis…

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Fire & Safety

The Fire and Safety Service assists First Nations with fire prevention training, and material…

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Emergency Planning

The Emergency Planning Service of the OFNTSC provides training, and preparation…

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Fuel Systems Management

The Fuel Systems Management Service intends to put participants through a series of exercises…

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Water & Wastewater

The OFNTSC’s Water and Wastewater Service works with First Nations to ensure community…

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Water & Wastewater Specialist

The Water and Wastewater Specialist service of the OFNTSC is the newest offered…

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