Jacob Dockstator

Mr. Dockstator is a highly motivated executive familiar with First Nation issues. He has a law degree from York University and a Master of Business Administration from McMaster University. Mr. Dockstator’s background, educational experience and current job responsibilities reflect his personal belief and dedication toward making a better world for First Nation Peoples and their communities. Mr. Dockstator is a member of Oneida of the Thames First Nation.

For the past three years, Mr. Dockstator has been employed as Vice President (VP), Business Development at Bridging Finance Inc. (BFI). This work has involved overseeing significant infrastructure, housing, and asset management projects, working with First Nation political leadership and communities, and providing strategic oversight of various First Nation initiatives. As part of BFI’s recent expansion efforts, Mr. Dockstator was selected to establish and lead a new corporate office in Manitoba, allowing him to further his management of the portfolio of Indigenous projects in the region. In addition to managing a private debt portfolio in excess of $200MM, Mr. Dockstator’s VP position has allowed him to develop and manage relationships with First Nations. 

Mr. Dockstator is also a VP with the First Peoples Infrastructure Inc., helping to develop P3 projects and partnerships between First Nations, construction firms, and the government to facilitate infrastructure projects. He has also assisted in establishing the Bridging Indigenous Impact Fund which focuses on Indigenous social impacts as well as financial goals. As a graduate of law school, Mr. Dockstator is trained and knowledgeable in the legal and fiduciary duties of corporate directors. In addition, he is familiar with and has particular expertise in, financial and information technology.