Circuit Rider Training Program

OFNTSC's Circuit Rider Training Program (CRTP) focuses on administering Certified-Education-Unit (CEU) and on the-job-training (OJT) to First Nations water and wastewater systems operators

What we accomplished in 2019/2020:

  • Extended the CRTP funding agreement until 2020-21.
  • Doubled the number of Circuit Rider Trainers able to facilitate OFNTSC’s Operator training services.
  • Increased the number of CEU & OJT training hours facilitated through the CRTP.
  • Extended the CRTP into National prominence by facilitating CEU training to Operators from other regions of Canada.
  • Support the development of additional First Nation partnerships.


  1. By displaying that operator training is an integral component of maintaining community health, the OFNTSC maintained a training curriculum specific to First Nation water & wastewater infrastructure.
  2. The OFNTSC’s CRTP training plans ensured that water and wastewater systems operators are up-to-date on their specific treatment plants’ operations & maintenance requirements and are prepared for any unplanned events that may be detrimental to water quality in their community.
  3. The OFNTSC has created a clear relationship between training, operational support & pending development of a regulative body. Ongoing discussions continue with a multitude of partners with a target eventually leading to the formation of a First Nation owned water & wastewater governing commission.
  4. By facilitating First Nations’ operational support services through the CRTP, the OFNTSC has not only demonstrated a flexibility in its services but the ability to have the Operators of First Nation water & wastewater systems attain provincially accredited licensing. Establishing partnerships with Tribal Councils that include KO, PWI, IFNA, & Bimose, recognized water industry organizations that support First Nations KCE, WCWC and AWWAO and developing relationships with academia will ultimately ensure that our First Nations have a water source that is both dependable and healthy.

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