Since 1998, the OFNTSC’s Fuel Systems Management program has been training fuel handlers in First Nations across Ontario. 

The OFNTSC Fuel Management Program provides certified Fuel Handler Training across Ontario with an emphasis on northern First Nation communities where fuel is an important factor in operating and maintaining critically important community infrastructure.

The training that the OFNTSC provides includes oversight on federally regulated safe fuel handling practices, equipment maintenance and record keeping. By establishing a strong Fuel Operations & Maintenance workplace with community employees who handle fuel products, the OFNTSC is ensuring that a healthy environment for our First Nations people is maintained.

Resources to add 

  • Fuel Safety at the Water’s Edge
  • Fuel Systems Training Manual
  • Safety at the Pumps 
  • Fuel Spill Response

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Mark Schell is a Bulk Fuel handler for OFNTSC. Mark holds four Technicians Licenses, (Automotive, Truck & Coach, Heavy Equipment, & PMH) and is working towards his 5th certification.