First Nations communities in Ontario face unique challenges when it comes to being prepared for an emergency. The remote geographic locations of communities in the North require fast response times and quick thinking in case of an evacuation.

The Emergency Management Preparedness Program exists to help prepare First Nations to meet the challenges of emergency situations. Focus is placed on training community members responsible for assisting with managing emergencies.

OFNTSC assists First Nations with developing, updating and/or exercising their community Master Emergency Response Plans (MERPs).  

OFNTSC’s Emergency Planning department can help you and/or your community prepare for an emergency. Our staff work directly with First Nations’ Emergency Response staff to ensure that proper plans are put in place.

This program supports clients by building First Nations technical capacity in emergency management preparedness and community infrastructure. We offer training, emergency preparedness kits, assistance with Master Emergency Response Plans and more!

Program Update (posted Monday, July 13, 2020):

Emergency Management Preparedness (EMP) at Ontario First Nations Technical Services Corporation (OFNTSC) is pleased to announce the following enhancements and required restructuring within the program. 

Tracey Anderson has accepted the role of EMP - Capacity Development Specialist at OFNTSC.  Tracey will be starting work on a program to assist with Ontario First Nations with a multitude of requests for information and advisory services in the development of annexed sub-plans within Master Emergency Response Plans (MERPS). 

Kyle Martin will be stepping in to take on the lead as the EMP Program Coordinator.  Kyle looks forward to continuing the excellent work that Tracey has laid the groundwork for with all of our First Nations communities that request assistance with their MERPs and training requirements.   Kyle will also be scheduling regional training sessions when and where possible, continuing to work with our First Nation trainers and funders to continue to develop, update and enhance the Emergency Management Preparedness program keeping it current to Industry Standards and sharing that knowledge through our proven methodology and successful training program modules.  As well, Kyle will continue assisting with requests for reviewing and making recommendations on MERPS, exercising, updating, and developing plans where requested and required.

Brandon Staats will be returning into the EMP program as Field Officer.  Brandon had trained for two years for Field Officer. Brandon will be available to assist with requests for reviewing and making recommendations on MERPS, exercising, updating, and developing plans where requested and required.

Assistance can be provided over email, telephone, and now also ZOOM web conference for in-community training, and TTX (Table Top Exercise) scenario building with Community Control Groups (CCG).

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Tracey recently stepped into the role of Emergency Planning (EMP) Capacity Development Specialist. She has worked at Ontario First Nations Technical Services Corporation’s (OFNTSC) EMP since 2011.
Kyle joined the Emergency Planning Team of the Ontario First Nations Technical Services Corporation (OFNTSC) in 2014.
Cassandra is focused on assisting in the day to day admin support that is required to deliver the Emergency Management Planning program services. 
Brandon Staats is currently in the role of Acting Field Officer with the Ontario First Nations Technical Services Corporation (OFNTSC). 
Brian Staats, Mohawk from Six Nations, is the Director of Operations at the OFNTSC. He has over 35 years of experience working with Ontario First Nations.