First Nations communities in Ontario face unique challenges when it comes to being prepared for an emergency. The remote geographic locations of communities in the North require fast response times and quick thinking in case of an evacuation.

The Emergency Management Preparedness Program exists to help prepare First Nations to meet the challenges of emergency situations. Focus is placed on training community members responsible for assisting with managing emergencies.

OFNTSC assists First Nations with developing, updating and/or exercising their community Master Emergency Response Plans (MERPs).  

OFNTSC’s Emergency Planning department can help you and/or your community prepare for an emergency. Our staff work directly with First Nations’ Emergency Response staff to ensure that proper plans are put in place.

This program supports clients by building First Nations technical capacity in emergency management preparedness and community infrastructure. We offer training, emergency preparedness kits, assistance with Master Emergency Response Plans and more!

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Tracey Anderson
Tracey was appointed as the Emergency Planning Coordinator of the Ontario First Nations Technical Services Corporation’s (OFNTSC) Emergency Planning Program in 2011.
Kyle Martin
Kyle joined the Emergency Planning Team of the Ontario First Nations Technical Services Corporation (OFNTSC) in 2014.