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The purpose of the OFNTSC communications strategy is to ensure that the Ontario First Nations Technical Services Corporation is consistent, transparent and accurate in its communication internally within the organization and externally with various stakeholders and the public. With this strategy, OFNTSC aims to:

  • Provide consistent, coordinated and responsive communication to all individuals and groups in OFNTSC including the Board of Directors, senior managers and staff;
  • To improve the visibility and transparency of OFNTSC with all partners and stakeholders; and
  • To preserve the integrity and respect of OFNTSC in all communication with outside parties.

The guiding objectives of the OFNTSC’s communications service is to communicate messages to stakeholders that; improve the OFNTSC image, build awareness of the Corporation and its activities and to bolster the OFNTSC’s identity amongst the Corporation’s vital stakeholders. Therefore the goals of the OFNTSC Communications are:

  • Promote a free flow of information from Corporation to Stakeholders and vice versa.
  • Facilitate dialogue amongst First Nations, Tribal Councils and the OFNTSC in relation to technical issues.
  • Be visible to the First Nations public.
  • Networking within Ontario amongst Chiefs and Councils.
  • Provide objective, timely, fact based information to clients.

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