Water & Wastewater Documents

The OFNTSC strives to keep our First Nations, Tribal Councils and provincial territorial organizations informed of information available to protect our water sources. In this section you will find helpful documents that can inform you of best practices, production of clean water, tips to help your community conserve and general knowledge advancement.

The Protocol for Safe Drinking Water in First Nations Communities contains standards for the design, construction, operation, maintenance, and monitoring of First Nations drinking water systems. Compliance with this protocol includes any water system that produces drinking water, funded in whole or part by AANDC and serves five or more households or a public facility. Those who may wish to use this document include: all First Nations staff responsible for water systems; AANDC staff; and any other parties involved in providing assistance to a First Nation in relation to their water system. Find the most current version of this living document at the following AANDC website:


Please note since this document is updated regularly, it is recommended to periodically go back to the AANDC website to download the latest version.
Documents available in this section are:

-From Source to Tap: The multi-barrier approach to safe drinking water

-First Nations & The Multi-Barrier Approach to Water

-Thinking Beyond Pipes and Pumps: Top 10 Ways Communities Can Save Water and Money