Toronto Service Centre

Elmer Lickers

Sr. Operations and Maintenance Technologist
416-651-1443 ext. 223
Email: elickers@ofntsc.org

The Operations and Maintenance (O&M) Service assists First Nations with analysis of their operation and maintenance of their community assets (buildings, vehicles, water plant, etc.). The O&M Service works closely with Housing, Infrastructure, and Engineering services to provide First Nation communities with efficient means of operating and maintaining community assets.

Advisory Services

  • Support for AANDC Reporting Systems: Integrated Capital Management System (ICMS), Asset Conditioning Reporting System (ACRS), ACRS Terms of Reference, Capital Asset Inventory System (CAIS), Capital Management Database (CMDB) Maintenance Management Systems (MMS), Asset Management Systems (AMS), Conditional Assessment & Housing Database (CAHD), O&M Forecasting Model for Water and Wastewater plants, Tangible Capital Assets (TCA)
  • Updates on federal government O&M policies & reporting requirements
  • Public Sector Accounting Board changes and reporting requirements
  • Recording, tracking, assessments and evaluation of current capital assets
  • Asset Assessments
  • Methods for improving asset O&M funding levels

The Operations and Maintenance Service has been one of the longest standing services offered by the OFNTSC.  In the beginning O&M only assisted First Nations with their respective reporting requirements to AANDC. Since then it has grown to include support for database/asset management systems, and also reviews community infrastructure models to ensure assets maintain peak efficiency.