Toronto Service Centre:

Tom Northardt, Lead Infrastructure Specialist
Phone: 416-651-1443 ext. 245

Chasity Toulouse, Infrastructure Specialist
Phone: 416-651-1443 ext. 258

Charles “Chuck” Petahtegoose, Infrastructure Specialist
Phone: 416-651-1443 ext. 242

Nathan Hill, Infrastructure Specialist
Phone: 905 768 3399 ext. 304

Thunder Bay Service Centre:

Clarence Meekis, Infrastructure Specialist
Phone: 807-623-9595 ext.121

Clayton Favot, Infrastructure Specialist
Phone: 807-623-9595 ext.N/A

The Infrastructure Service provides housing and building inspection services to Unaffiliated First Nations in Ontario. The Service also provides code compliance and interpretation of applicable codes to First Nation assets. Infrastructure also works closely with the Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation (CMHC) to deliver the Residential Rehabilitation Assistance Program (RRAP) and Section 95 and Ten (10) requirements.

Advisory Services:

  • Housing Inspections: Code compliance on residential homes; inspection of existing housing stock; CMHC RRAP Inspections and disabled persons homes; new homes – from plans evaluation to finish; CMHC Section 95 and Ten (10) inspections
  • R-2000 Inspections and support
  • Indoor air quality assessments
  • Support for AANDC reporting: Integrated Capital Management System (ICMS), Conditional Asset Inventory System (CAIS), Asset Conditional Reporting System (ACRS)
  • Support for AANDC five year capital plans, and major capital projects
  • Delivery of training workshops working with OFNTSC’s Housing Service

The Infrastructure Service was the first service to be offered by the OFNTSC in 1995. In its beginning, Infrastructure only worked with First Nations in Ontario that were not affiliated (unaffiliated) with a Tribal Council. Today Infrastructure works with Tribal Councils and First Nations to offer training for building inspectors/home builders, introduction of new building techniques/construction and AANDC reporting systems.