The Fuel Systems Management Service intends to put participants through a series of exercises until they become proficient in executing best practices. Fuel Systems Management Service aims to ensure First Nation fuel handlers know how to respond to fuel spills, identify fuel systems, execute visual inspection procedures, and receiving and dispensing petroleum products. For a complete list of services offered please see below.

Advisory Services

  • Compliance with federal legislation in regards to fuel tank storage
  • Training: Emergency fuel spill response, spill reporting, proper fuel systems management, fuel handling techniques and record keeping.
  • Bulk fuel plants
  • Home heating tanks best practices
  • Fuel handling training for gas bars and retail sites
  • Marinas
  • Fuel equipment support
  • Fuel System Audits

The Fuel Systems Management Service first began in 1998 to address the growing need of trained fuel handlers in First Nations.  The original focus for the Fuel Systems Management Service was to train fuel handlers; however it has since expanded to include fuel tank site visits, spill response training, code compliance assessments, fuel transfer equipment support and provides analysis of legislative acts regarding fuel storage.

If you are interested in signing up for one of our Fuel Handler Training Sessions, please contact Glen Goodman at 807-623-9595 ext. 115.