Toronto Service Centre

The Environment Service of the OFNTSC works directly with First Nations communities in regards to issues with land, water and air.  The Environment Service also assists First Nations with solid waste management, environmental assessment processes, source water protection, spill response, and much more. For a complete list of services offered see below.

Stephanie Allen

Environmental Scientist
416-651-1443 ext. 243

Kyle Martin

Emergency Planning Field Officer
905-768-3399 ext. 306

Clementina Consens

Jr. Environmental Scientist
416-651-1443 ext. 258

Advisory Services

  • Environmental Assessment Processes – Review/ Analysis
  • Solid Waste Management:Training for operating, review/analysis
  • Contaminated site assessment and remediation
  • Water quality and source water protection
  • Community land use and planning
  • Minor capital submissions for environmental projects
  • Spill response
  • Environment acts and regulations; best management practices, conservation

The Environment Service started in 1996, one year after the creation of the OFNTSC.  It first began as an environmental health study; the service quickly grew to also offer Earth Keepers Training, and the Energy Pathfinder Service. From the Environment Service’s quick growth, demand  for service quickly grew to incorporate methods or protecting, managing, and conserving the land, water and air quality of First Nations..