Thunder Bay Service Centre

Glen Goodman, A

Engineering Manager

Toronto Service Centre

Rob Olivier

Engineer/Water and Wastewater

Tricia Hamilton

Engineer/Water and Wastewater
416-651-1443 ext. 232

The OFNTSC’s Engineering Service works with First Nations to provide access to qualified engineers. “From small to large projects, the Engineering Service works with communities at every stage of construction to ensure standards are being met”. OFNTSC Engineering has a wide range of expertise from project planning stages to commissioning community facilities.

Advisory Services

  • Training: Contract Administration, Project Management
  • Capital planning
  • Engineering Service for large or small projects (design, review, oversee, commissioning)
  • Quality assurance
  • Terms of reference development
  • Contract administration, tendering and construction
  • Project planning and development

The Engineering Service began in 1996. With a demand for more First Nation engineers in First Nation communities, the OFNTSC was quick to respond with the creation of the Engineering Service.  As the Engineering Service grew it took on other functions such as contract tendering and administration, to terms of reference development for large and small engineering projects.