The OFNTSC has worked hard to improve First Nation communities across Ontario. One of the many ways the OFNTSC facilitates community improvement is by increasing the capacity and self-reliance of First Nations.  With that in mind, the OFNTSC conducts a yearly technical conference and tradeshow for First Nations and Tribal Councils. The aim is to bring together Chiefs & Councils, Directors of Technical Services/Public Works, Band Administrators, Water Plant Operators, Emergency and Response personnel, provincial and federal ministries and much more to exchange ideas and information.

Since the Annual Conference’s inception in 1995 at a small location, the OFNTSC has seen its premier event grow with each passing year. The OFNTSC now attracts over 300 plus delegates from coast to coast as the OFNTSC now produces Canada’s largest First Nation technical conference and tradeshow.

The OFNTSC Annual Conference is a three day event that aims to combine training, information sharing, best practices, interaction with federal and provincial ministries, keynotes speakers and a venue that leaves our delegates asking for more.

The OFNTSC Annual Conference also hosts a tradeshow that invites private sector businesses to participate in an event that helps First Nations learn about products and services that are available to them. The tradeshow is a one day event that attracts water monitoring products to pre-fabricated homes to be showcased. All delegates agree this is one tradeshow you can’t afford to miss.