Toronto Service Centre

Colin French

Director of Communications/Officer
416-651-1443 ext. 256

The Communications Service of the OFNTSC is responsible for all of the internal and external communications of the Corporation. This includes communicating with federal and provincial governments, tribal councils, First Nations and professional associations as necessary. Communications also produces the Annual OFNTSC Conference, First Nations Water Symposium, Large/Unaffiliated First Nation Tribal Council meetings, and other smaller events. Communications is responsible for outreach to First Nations in Ontario.

While Communications does not provide advisory services to First Nations, below is a list of projects it oversees:

    • Technical Youth Career Outreach Project (TYCOP)
    • Annual Student Classic


    • Derrick Kamanga Memorial Award


    • Annual Student Achievement Awards


    • Annual Report creation and dissemination


The OFNTSC Communications Service serves as a link between the corporation and the tribal councils/First Nations we serve. The Communications Service was first established in 1997 with just an annual report and newsletter.  It has since grown to manage multiple websites and other online activities. Communications also keeps up to date with social media platforms to meet the strategic needs of the OFNTSC.