Thunder Bay Service Centre

Bill Maloney

Climate Change Specialist
807-623-9595 ext. 130

Roopa Rakshit

Energy Planning Specialist
807-623-9595 ext. 114

Mariano Arriaga

Energy Specialist

The Energy and Climate Change program works closely with communities on climate change and energy related activities. The services provided include community energy planning, renewable energy and conservation projects, and sharing information on the impacts of climate change, carbon cap and trade, and the economic potential of carbon offsets. The OFNTSC’s Climate Change Service works with unaffiliated First Nations and tribal councils to:

  • Reduce greenhouse gas emissions
  • Assist First Nations in the development of community energy plans and implementation training
  • Create renewable energy studies for First Nations;
  • Assist with energy project implementation
  • Build community capacity
  • Inform First Nations and tribal councils about Ontario’s climate change mitigation policies
  • Sharing of energy conservation information and best practices