Environment Canada Workshops for Petroleum and Halocarbon Regulations


On January 24, 2018 Environment Canada's Compliance Promotion Unit - Ontario Region will be conducting a workshop for an introduction to the requirements of the Storage Tank Systems Regulations.  Topics that will be covered during the workshop include: who is regulated, what storage tank systems are regulated; technical requirements such as product transfer areas; reporting and record keeping; and crititcal timelines. This workshop, which is one full day of training (9:00am - 4:00pm) covers all aspects of the regulations and is suitable for those without previous training in storage tank systems.  

On January 25, 2018 a second workshop will be offered on Federal Halocarbon Regualtions - 2003. The workshop will provide a general understanding of the requirements of the Federal Halocarbon Regulations- 2003. Topics that will be discussed are: who is regualted, what halocarbons are regulated; what systems are regulated; required practices and procedures for installation and servicing; reporting and record keeping requirements.  This workshop, which is a half-day of training (9:00am to 1pm) covers all aspects of the regualtions and is suitable for those without previous training FHR 2003. 

Both workshops will be taking place at the Environment Canada, 335 River Road South, Ottawa. Please note there is ample free parking available at this location.  There is no cost to attend this training, lunch and snacks will not be provided to participants.  For more information on this event or to register please contact: Lisa McClemens at 613 949 8278 or by email at lisa.mcclemens@canada.ca

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