Toronto, ON – January 31, 2019: The Ontario First Nations Technical Services Corporation (OFNTSC) is announcing the signing of a one (1) year contract with the Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation (CMHC) for the year 2019. The contract with CMHC is to provide housing inspection services for homes, being built on-reserve for First Nations in Ontario through CMHC First Nations housing programs. CMHC housing programs account for $152 million (more than half of on-reserve housing spending programs across Canada) of $280 million dollars spent each year on housing for First Nations.

The OFNTSC will be coordinating all technical service provisions for CMHC – Residential Rehabilitation Assistance Program, Section 95 homes (which provides financial assistance to build affordable rental housing on-reserve), and Physical Condition Review inspection work. The agreement between the OFNTSC and CMHC however does not include inspections for technical code compliance.  Code compliance inspections will remain the responsibility of individual First Nations. The OFNTSC will be utilizing inspectors from Tribal Councils across Ontario to assist in the delivery of these services.

Wes Bova, P.Eng., President of the OFNTSC said “The OFNTSC continually works for the betterment of the First Nations and Tribal Councils we serve. In this regard, the OFNTSC will be providing a critical service to First Nations in Ontario that utilize the CMHC programs for home building. We are proud to support this service delivery to our communities, in our pursuit of ensuring First Nations standards of living are improved.”

The start of this contract will commence on February 1, 2019, at which time the OFNTSC will assume the responsibility of the delivery of these services.  The OFNTSC will be contacting inspectors to ensure a smooth transition and outline the service delivery approach moving forward. First Nations who are utilizing the CMHC programs, are directed to contact their regional CMHC Consultant Specialist to initiate a request.

The Ontario First Nations Technical Services Corporation was created in 1995 to provide technical advisory services to Unaffiliated First Nations (First Nations without a Tribal Council) and Tribal Councils in Ontario.  The OFNTSC’s areas of service include operations and maintenance, circuit rider training program, housing, engineering, water and wastewater, emergency planning, environment, fire safety, infrastructure, and bulk fuel handling. For more information on the OFNTSC and its services, please go to

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For more information on this announcement, please contact Colin French, Director of Communications at 416 709 8738 or by email at



Press Release: CMHC contracts OFNTSC to provide inspection services of CMHC built on-reserve homes

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