Toronto, ON (April 12, 2018)  – The OFNTSC working together with our provincial partner the Ministry of Environment and Climate Change (MOECC) have renewed funding to support the OFNTSC’s Climate Change program.  The funding agreement allows for the transfer of $2.1 million to the OFNTSC for work related to renewable energy studies, carbon management studies, and to train 50 First Nations on the energy course.

Executive Director of the OFNTSC Melanie Debassige said “We welcome the renewed commitment of the MOECC to address the critical impacts of Climate Change on First Nations in Ontario.  The need for First Nations to develop community energy plans combined with mitigation strategies for climate change cannot be understated.”

Under the renewed agreement the OFNTSC will be engaging with 50 First Nations over the next two years to deliver energy related training, five renewable energy studies and two carbon management studies in First Nations across Ontario.

Debassige added “Climate Change is one of the biggest threats to critical infrastructure in Ontario First Nations.  Addressing options to mitigate the effects of climate change will ensure infrastructure will be available for future generations use. “

The OFNTSC’s Climate Change program was initiated to assist First Nations in Ontario with development of community energy plans, renewable energy studies, greenhouse gas reductions, assist in building capacity at a community level and working with tribal councils, PTO’s, and First Nations on Ontario’s climate change mitigation policies.

The Ontario First Nations Technical Services Corporation was created in 1995 to provide technical advisory services to 133 First Nations, 16 Tribal Councils in Ontario. Areas of service include operations and maintenance, housing, water and wastewater treatment, infrastructure, emergency planning, environment, climate change and fire and safety. For more information on the OFNTSC, please visit

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For more information on this announcement please contact Colin French, Communications Officer, 416 709 8738 or by email at


Press Release: OFNTSC Climate Change Program renews funding through 2020

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