The OFNTSC will be holding its Tribal Council, Large and Unaffiliated First Nations meeting from September 14-15, 2016 at Casino Rama.  Over the course of the two days attendees will see presentations from Government partners, and OFNTSC staff on service updates. An agenda on the topics to be presented will be made available to attendees shortly.

The OFNTSC will be sponsoring individuals to attend the meeting in September. Sponsorship from the OFNTSC will cover accommodations and travel for the meeting. Here is who is sponsored:

One (1) Tribal Council representative (accommodations and travel)
One (1) Large First Nation representative (accommodations and travel)
Two (2) Unaffiliated First Nations representatives (accommodations will be covered for both reps. Only one representative will be covered for travel)

For those interested in registering for this event please CLICK HERE! Participants can register right up until September 13, 2016.  For any inquiries regarding the meeting please contact Corrie Hill, Event Coordinator at 416 651 1443 ext. 229.


ATC Agenda Sept 14-15 Draft

Tribal Council, Large and Unaffiliated First Nations Meeting

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