The Ontario First Nations Techncial Services Corporation is announcing the hiring of a Water and Wastewater Specialist Richard Shawanda.  Mr. Shawanda will be providing water and wastewater services to Unaffiliated First Nations (no tribal council affiliation) in Ontario. The OFNTSC remains committed to working with First Nations to deliver quality drink water to communities in Ontario. Mr. Shawanda has over 15 years of experience delivering quality drinking water, as well as an extensive history in training plant operators to meet and exceed provincial regulations.

Services delivered by the Water and Wastewater Specialist will relate to water and wastewater quality regulations, operations and maintenance plans, sampling/testing, record keeping and reporting, training plans, safety awareness and emergency response plans.

For those Unaffiliated First Nations who would like to request service from the OFNTSC’s Water and Wastewater Specialist please contact Richard directly at or by phone at (705) 698 0240.

New Water and Wastewater Specialist Richard Shawanda

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