Water Company targeting Ontario First Nations

The Ontario First Nations Technical Services Corporation (OFNTSC) would like to inform First Nations in Ontario that “water quality experts” from a water company have been targeting Ontario First Nations.  Most recently this company has approached community members in Akwesasne to have water purification systems installed in homes. This company’s selling tactics would have you believe that there is something wrong with your communities’ tap water.

The CBC recently profiled this company on their consumer protection show Marketplace. In a segment that aired on January28, 2011, Marketplace investigated this company’s selling tactics. That segment can be watched here by clicking on the link: CLICK HERE TO WATCH MARKETPLACE

The OFNTSC would like to affirm that community water systems in Ontario First Nations are working at standards that exceed or meet provincial standards. Therefore there is no harm to consume drinking water from your communities system unless otherwise directed by Chief and Council.

Do not let “water quality experts” into your home unless they provided proper documentation/identification from your Chief and Council, or your communities Technical Services/Public Works departments.


Water Company targeting Ontario First Nations

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