Unaffiliated First Nation Training Needs Survey

Indian and Northern Affairs Canada (INAC) has announced additional funding for water and wastewater operator training and certification for 2008/2009. The OFNTSC will manage this funding for the eighteen (18) Unaffiliated First Nations in Ontario. With three exceptions, this funding is allocated at $5000 per First Nation. As per requirements from INAC the course has to be “Director Approved” from Ontario Environmental Training Consortium (OETC).

By this survey, the OFNTSC will attempt to identify the needs of the operators at the unaffiliated First Nations.

This will be used to assist the First Nations in organizing and planning the training so as to maximize the benefits to the operators. The survey can be downloaded below, and faxed backed to Attn: Mohammed Karim, Senior Engineer, Plant Operations & Operator Training. Fax:(416) 651 1673

Training Needs Survey for Unaffiliated First Nation Plant operators November 2008

Unaffiliated First Nation Training Needs Survey

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