The Ontario First Nations Technical Services Corporation would like to remind everyone of Environment Canada’s Regulations for “Storage Tank Systems for Petroleum Products & Allied Petroleum Products”. These Regulations came into effect on June 12, 2008 and apply to tank systems containing petroleum or allied petroleum products under federal jurisdiction with a capacity of greater than 2500 litres. The Regulations do not apply to containers smaller than 230 litres, indoor storage tanks as they are captured by the National Fire Code, pressurized tanks such as propane tanks, mobile tanks which fall under the Transportation of Dangerous Goods Regulations, or outdoor tanks that have a capacity of 2500 litres or less and are connected to a heating appliance or emergency generator. These tanks are captured by the CSA B-139 Code.

Under the new Regulations owners of tank systems located on federal and Aboriginal lands, with a capacity of greater than 2500 litres must identify or register the system with Environment Canada within one year after the day on which these Regulations came into force, or within two years, if a written progress report is submitted to the Minister. Simply put, tank systems which fall under these Regulations must be identified/registered by June 2009. If a tank system has not been identified, there is a risk that fuel may not be delivered when needed.

To register your tank system, an owner must receive a password from Environment Canada. Passwords can be obtained by emailing Environment Canada at (add account in the subject line or phone (819) 934-2991. For more information on the regulations and compliance issues please refer to the following website

Storage Tank Systems for Petroleum Products & Allied Petroleum Products

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