The OFNTSC will be providing R-2000 training during the week of May 26-27, 2009. The location of this training will be at the Saugeen First Nation Training Centre. The course is available to all individuals who are interested in becoming R-2000 Certified. The course offered is the first course in becoming a R-2000 professional.

This course will provide training in moisture movement & how to control it, latest trends in ventiliation systems and standards, cost effective strategies for framing, insulating attics, walls and basements. And much more. For more information on this course please contact Gary Toulouse, Housing Advisor, 416 651 1443 ext. 237

To register for this training please CLICK HERE* Please note that if you are not a client of the OFNTSC, there may costs associated with this course.*

R-2000 Builders Workshop

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