Petroleum Mechanic Helper Update Workshop

OFNTSC is hosting a workshop in Sudbury on Jan 13 to 16th, for licensed Petroleum Mechanics (PM), Petroleum Mechanic Helpers (PMH) or fuel handlers. The workshop will cover sessions on the new Regulations for Storage Tank Systems, Emergency Planning, the Liquid Fuel Handling Code (LFHC), a Review of the Oil Code Book and an overview of the Oil Burner Activation Technician training certificate (no certificate will be issued).

Particpants will be required to show their PM certificate number and photo ID for the LFHC portion of the workshop. Letters of invitation were sent to Tribal Councils, First Nations and known individuals with previous training through OFNTSC who are serviced by OFNTSC’s Toronto Service Centre. A similar workshop was held in November 2008 for Tribal Councils and communities serviced through the Thunder Bay Service Centre.

If you are interested in attending the upcoming workshop in Sudbury please contact: Deneen Brigham at (807) 623-9595 or Doug Stuart at (807) 937-4897 for details. Registration deadline is December 19th and maximum registration is limited to 20 people. A minimum of 15 confirmed participants is required by the deadline or the workshop could be cancelled.

Petroleum Mechanic Helper Update Workshop

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