On February 23, the Ontario Government tabled for First Reading its omnibus Bill 150, the Green Energy and Green Economy Act, 2009, which is intended to both ease the birth pangs of renewable energy projects and promote energy conservation among Ontarians.

While the threat of local not in my back yard (NIMBY) opposition delaying or even derailing green energy projects may have prompted the move, the 75-page Bill goes far beyond curtailing the ability of local councils to hold up investments in renewable energy. The ambitious Bill is designed to spark growth in clean and renewable sources of energy, AND to promote conservation of energy and water, AND to facilitate creation of a “smart grid” for Ontario.

The Government anticipates that the Act will create 50,000 new, green jobs in the first three years following proclamation. Please see attached for more information.

For more informtaion on the Green Energy Act please visit the First Nations Energy Alliance Website. Click Here to be redirected to the website. For more information on the legislative changes, click here.


Green Energy Act

Ontario Government Introduces Green Energy Act

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