OFNTSC hosts a Liquid Fuel Handling Code Workshop

OFNTSC hosted a Liquid Fuel Handling Code Update Workshop for Petroleum Mechanics and Petroleum Mechanic Helpers. The workshop was well attended and had participants from Shibogama Technical Services, Windigo First Nations Council, Pwi-Di-Goo-Zing, Anishinabek of Kabaspikotawangag Resource Council and Keewaywin, Pays Plat, Big Grassy, Stanjikoming, Pikangikum, Mishkeegogamang, Rainy River, North Caribou and Wapekeka First Nations. A total of 15 to 17 participants attended both days of the workshop. In addition to the liquid fuel handling code, the training provider reviewed the Oil Code Book (B-139) and Environment Canada presented on the new regulations for “Storage Tank Systems for Petroleum Products and Allied Petroleum Products” and the implications these regulations will have on federal lands. A similar workshop is planned for January 2009 and the details will be posted on OFNTSC’s website when available.

For additional information on the Liquid Fuel Handling Code, Ontario Installation Code for Oil-Burning Equipment, or the new regulations please refer to the following websites.

Technical Standards and Safety Authority http://www.tssa.org
Ontario Petroleum Contractors Association http://www.opcaonline.org
Environment Canada http://www.ec.gc.ca
CEPA Environmental Registry http://www.ec.gc.ca/CEPARegistry/regulations

OFNTSC hosts a Liquid Fuel Handling Code Workshop

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