OFNTSC Conference presentations now available!

The  15th Annual OFNTSC Conference presentations are now available for download. Many First Nations and Tribal Councils from across Ontario joined the OFNTSC for this three day event in Niagara Falls.

The presentations have been arranged in the order in which  daythey appeared at the Conference. If you cant find a presentation you are looking for or would like additional information on the 15th Annual OFNTSC Conference and Tradeshow please contact Colin French, Communications Officer at 416 651 1443 ext.256 or by email at: cfrench@ofntsc.org or click HERE to be taken to the Annual Conference home page.

Once again the OFNTSC would like to extended it’s thanks to all who particpated in the 15th Annual OFNTSC Conference and Tradeshow. Be sure to check www.ofntsc.org for an upcoming announcement on the 16th Annual OFNTSC Conference and Tradeshow.


JShipley Design Charrette IS Thurs

Charrette Slab Design

Charrette 5 Bed Split Plans

Charrette 3 Bed 1 Storey Plans

JPries Small Water Treatment Systems – Innovations

DWatt Tangible Capital Assets for Asset Management

JAtkinson windfall ecology centre SCP_1

CMHC What is SD_updated

C Hawke TCA workshop Tues_0

Hydro One First Nations Billing Presentation workshop Tues_0

AChow HRSDC Fire Safety 100824_0

JTaylor OFNTSC First Nation Housing and Infrastructure Gap Assessment_0

LMcClemens EC Fuel Tank Regs_0

JPFournier INAC Capital Overview_0

IBrown CMHC Delivery Update_0

MHoppe CRTP Conference Presentation_0

ILeblanc AFN Water Update_0

SBailey MOE OWOA_0

LMcClemens EC WSER Update_0


Building Code Data Sheet



JDragasevich FII-MBR Presentation_OFNTSC

GDrachenberg AE Small Water Treatment Systems – Innovations

CYates GBalch BWootton Sanitation in Rural Indigenous Communities

DVerreault TSAG SWPP DriftpileFN Alberta

C Waffle CELA SWP IS presentation Thurs

Neegan IntegratedAssetManagement

MHuissoon GreenPropeller 6Nations police bldg

JGodden ClearSphere Green Building

SAllen First Nations Well Aware Project

IWS RBC SWP project

DLaronde RRoot Eagle Nest presentation final2

SAllen How to Develop FNs Waste Diversion Programs 20100825

CMHC Sustainable planning

Set Back Thermostats

Insulating Your House

Energy Efficient Retrofit – Mechanical System

Energy Efficient Retrofit – Building Envelope

Drawing and Documentation Requirements

OFNTSC Conference presentations now available!

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