OFNTSC Conference and Tradeshow

The 14th Annual Ontario First Nations Technical Services Corporation (OFNTSC) Conference and Tradeshow is only 30 days away! Don’t miss your chance to participate in Canada’s largest First Nations technical Conference. Located at the bottom of this program news are the forms for delegate registration, tradeshow registration, draft agenda and a floor plan of listed tradeshow exhibitors. The OFNTSC strives constantly to provide Tribal Councils and communities with information that can help inform community decisions. Come and be a part of the 14th Annual Conference and Tradeshow.

To Register online for the 14th Annual Conference please CLICK HERE!

Interested in the 14th Annual Student Classic? The OFNTSC supports First Nation Students who are pursuing careers in science and technology. This year the OFNTSC will be holding a fundraiser in support of the OFNTSC Student Awards at the Crimson Ridge Golf Course, August 27, 2009 @ 1pm. All forms can be located at the bottom of this page.


Agenda FINAL

2009 Tradeshow Floor Plan

Tradeshow Exhibitor Registration Form

2009 Golf Sponsorship Package

2009 Delegate Registration Form

Tradeshow Terms and Conditions3

Tradeshow Terms and Conditions2

Tradeshow Terms and Conditions

2009 Delegate Conference Confirmation

OFNTSC Conference and Tradeshow

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