Green Communities Canada and Ontario First Nations Technical Services
Corporation invite members of your organization to participate in a technical
workshop on drinking water wells. The half-day workshop is an opportunity
for individuals who work in the fields of housing, public works, and health to
learn about the Well Aware program, well best management practices and
groundwater protection. Suggested participants include Public Works Managers,
Tribal Council Technical Staff, Housing Inspectors, Community Health
Representatives, First Nations Health Directors, Band Managers, Councillors, and
The workshop teaches the technical components of well siting, constructing and
decommissioning. And also discusses water testing and the potential impacts of
wells on the geohydrologic cycle. Overall the workshop will provide a strong
technical base of knowledge on drinking water wells.

There will be 5 workshops provided for Ontario First Nations and Tribal Councils.
They will take place in:

Thunder Bay – June 2010
Six Nations of the Grand River – January 27, 2010 1pm – 4pm
Sudbury – November 24th 2009, 1pm-4pm
Niagara Falls (in conjunction with the Water Symposium) – March 8th 2010 1pm – 4pm
Tyendinaga – April 2010

The workshops will be facilitated by Dr. Mary Jane Conboy PhD., PGeo, Executive
Director of the Well Wise Resource Centre. There will be refreshments provided
and there is no cost to attend. We do ask that you pre-register for the session.
This workshop is part of a pilot project to adapt the Well Aware information and
deliverytools to meet the needs of First Nations communities. Well Aware is a
successful delivery program in Ontario that encourages people to protect their
wells and our common groundwater supplies through voluntary, confidential and
non-regulatory visits by a trained water guide andoutreach activities in the

We encourage you to register online at . If you have any questions
about this workshop please contact Kate Garvie at 705-745-7479 ext. 154 or by email at or Stephanie Allen, Environmental Scientist,
OFNTSC, email at


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First Nations Well Stewardship Technical Workshop

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